“It's been a while and I can't get this idea out of my head. And that's it. It's gonna happen.” - Ricardo Diz, Founder of Fidgrove

Sim racing / racing esports industry has come a long way in the last few years:

  • Racing sims are becoming incredibly good at simulating reality (likely closest esports to reality)
  • Best competitors are now part of professional esports teams, and real-life pros are participating too
  • Event organizers are getting exceptionally good at creating interesting competitions and broadcasting them
  • Sim racing arguably provides better “relatable” interactive entertainment vs traditional motorsports

At its core, sim racing is about competing for the best track performance. In that sense, sim racing has replicated real-life motorsports, with telemetry data playing an increasing important role in the field. In our opinion, there is significant room for innovation in this space, especially given the latest developments in big data technology and AI / ML fields.

We’ve created Fidgrove because we love sim racing and haven't found the solution we wanted for ourselves. We’re data geeks working hard to make our vision happen. Something with personalized superpowers. Something seamless. Something efficient. Something beautiful. That’s quite a tall order and no wonder no one has crafted it yet.