Managing Setups

This time we look into setups and the challenges of managing them optimally with the power of metadata.  

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Data Context

At Fidgrove, we decided to have our platform support rFactor2 for several reasons, including the incredible physics simulation and FFB system, as well as the openness to 3rd party development. 

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The Login Process

We created a login process without the hassle of a password


Tracking Lap Times

In the last few days, we've spent some time implementing a way to navigate through historical time performances, and we're quite happy with what we have achieved. Let us share what we've done.

Fidgrove The first stage of development

The first stage of development

We've started earlier this year with an idea on a piece of paper (well, digitally anyway 😉 ). Since then, our core team has been assembled, working remotely with each other every day.

Fidgrove Join The Team

Join the Team

We're on a mission to create a fully fledged racing technical team, and we're hiring to join the team!

The Begin

Time to Build

It's been a while and I can't get this idea out of my head. And that's it. It's gonna happen.